The Saving Life of Jesus

Ever noticed this phrase in Romans 5:10?

“For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life.”

We know that the death of Jesus Christ saves us but have we given enough thought to the saving significance of his life? I have been meditating on the utter necessity of the life of Jesus before and after the cross for our salvation. Salvation would be impossible apart from the life of Jesus. Here are a few thoughts on how the life of Jesus saves us.

  1. He had to live a life of perfect obedience before God so that we might have his righteousness given to us by faith. His perfect life provides for us the righteousness that is necessary for us to stand justified before God now and forever.
  2. He had to live a perfect life in order to be a pure and blameless sacrifice before God. The OT is clear that the acceptable sacrifice is a spotless lamb. Heaven’s acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice was contingent upon his purity.
  3. He had to rise again for our justification to be complete and for our sins to be forgiven. If the Son does not live on after his death then we are lost and without hope.
  4. He had to ascend into heaven, take the throne, and intercede for us that we might be saved. The Son’s intercession in heaven on our behalf is another vital work necessary for our salvation.
  5. He had to conquer death now and forever. His ongoing indestructible life demonstrates and provides dominion over death. If he ever died again then death would take the upper hand again. His immortal life makes this an impossibility.
  6. He has to return from heaven to bring to completion all he began. Our salvation is not complete until he returns. We must have a living Savior who will return to rescue us if we would know redemption.
Jesus is a whole and complete Savior. His every breath from incarnation to the tomb was necessary for our salvation.This breath had to be taken away for three days to complete his saving task.  The breath that filled his lungs after three days and continues to do so now and will forever is nothing short of our very redemption. He lives and therefore we will live.
If you wanted to chase this theme down further read the entire book of Hebrews and notice the emphasis on the necessity of the life of Christ pre and post cross for our salvation.

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