Failed Disciples

I’m reading a helpful book by Richard Hays called The Moral Vision of the New Testament. I just finished reading a section on the gospel of Mark. In it Hays argues that Mark included all the stories of the disciples screwing up, falling, and failing for our encouragement.I couldn’t agree more! We are broken disciples that offer fractured obedience to Christ. When we see the ignorance of the disciples, the stupid things that come out of their mouths, their naps during prayer time, their betrayals, and their denials—if we are honest we relate and we find ourselves relieved that these men are so weak. Their has never been a breed of super disciples only weak and frail followers dependent upon the grace of Christ. When we look to the twelve we realize that we are in good company. We can thank Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and ultimately the Holy Spirit for giving us the uncut version of their lives of discipleship.

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