Dear Baby Girl

My heart was filled with emotion as you arrived.  I grieved at the curse of pain that accompanied your entrance into this world. I rejoiced with all my heart at the sight of your beauty. I stood amazed at the skill and intricacy of God’s handiwork in crafting you. I was humbled as I contemplated our equal standing as image bearers and at the same time welcomed the weighty stewardship of your life. I was brought to delightful laughter as I touched your tiny feet and held your little hands. Tears where choked back as we prayed blessing on you and pleaded with God for your salvation. Joy filled my soul as we spoke Indonesian phrases to you and contemplated your future. Pride rose in my heart as your brothers demonstrated the seeds of chivalry and protection in their first interaction with you. Fear touched my soul as I allowed my mind to wander on all that can, wants to, and will hurt you in this life. Fierceness visited my heart and took up residence as I considered my role as your Father and protector. Gratitude was no stranger to me as I considered God’s providence in placing you in a gospel home with such an amazing Mother. All these emotions that swept my soul today are the waves of the same ocean: love. You are and will ever be my baby girl: Adele Elizabeth Capps. I love you.

Your Daddy


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