Assaulting Hostility

The cross is an assault. In the cross God attacks all that divides us from himself and from other human beings. According to Paul, hostility is the barrier between our Maker and us. It is a mutual hostility. On our end it is wicked, unjustifiable hostility. On the Lord’s side it is just and necessary. In the cross God endures his own hostility toward sinners by sending his Son. He crushes our hostility by uniting us to Christ, erasing our history, and giving us his perfect past. In Christ we are no longer viewed as hostile sinners toward God. At the same time he grants us a regenerate nature and the Holy Spirit who transforms our hostility into love and obedience. In the cross God also annihilates the hostility that exists in human relationships. All that he has done for us by extension transforms human relationships for those in Christ. This cruciform assault on hostility is known as reconciliation. God obliterates everything that keeps us from himself and makes a way for us to draw near to Him. These truths are explained in detail in Ephesians 2:11-19.

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