Job and Us

Job did not share our perspective of his experience. He never knew the events of chapters 1-2—ever. The reality behind the events of his suffering were hidden to him. The reader sees what he never knew. His buddies did not know either—which is obvious because of their poor counsel. The book of Job is a brilliant example of human attempts to assign meaning or to explain events that occur in our lives. We assume that we can discern why something is happening or why something is not happening. The story of Job shows us that this is both foolish and impossible. We are creatures that must depend on the ultimate interpreter. God alone knows the meaning behind every event—and he has not chosen to disclose the why behind his every providential action. As creatures we must accept our limits and not grasp for omniscience. We do not know and therefore should rest in the freedom that comes from not attempting to know all things. Instead of attempting to understand the mysteries of his providential arrangements in our lives we should anchor our souls in the place where he has clearly spoken and communicated his heart toward us. It is in the gospel that we see his unshifting posture toward us. In the cross we see God’s unchanging opinion of us. In the good news of Jesus we see God’s final and definitive word over us. The cross is where God speaks his heart to us—we are not left to discern his voice in mysterious providential activities.

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