God’s Toolbox is His Mouth

From nothing God creates. This is the affirmation of creation ex nihlo (out of nothing). With no raw materials he brings forth something. From his powerful word springs forth that which he speaks. His word does what it says. This is an important aspect of God’s work in both creation and salvation. It is a truth that should bring us tremendous comfort and hope.

It assures us that we serve an omnipotent God who is beyond capable of fulfilling all that he has promised to us. This truth shows us that our Creator contains within himself all the resources necessary to accomplish what he desires. He is the only being in the universe that is truly self-sustaining and without need. He is not dependent upon any created thing. His freedom should be liberating to us. It is his lack of need that makes him capable of fulfilling our every need.

For me it is comforting to know that God can make something out of nothing. If he can speak a fish into being then he can certainly transform the disaster called my life. If he can raise Jesus from the dead ex nihlo (Rom 4:17) then he can make my life into something of value. God is in the work of making beautiful things when he has absolutely nothing to work with. I love this. It gives me hope. It means he can work with me. It means he can work with you.

All that God does is directly tied to his word. This is no exaggeration. Creation by word out of nothing. Salvation by word out of nothing. God is a workman and and his toolbox is his mouth.


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