Luther on Genesis 1-3

Martin Luther devoted the last ten years of his life to the book of Genesis. In his two volume commentary we have the fruit of his final decade of study and teaching. When he first started studying the book he stated, “this exposition I shall pore over and die over.” I am thankful that he gave himself to this task. I have found these commentaries to be a rich source of insight and comfort. When I read Luther I feel like I am sitting under a seasoned pastor who knows me well. He never misses an opportunity to press the good news of God into my soul. He delights to apply the gospel to roaring consciences and fearful hearts. He is constant in affirming our right standing with the Father through Christ. He is a pastor before he is a commentator, which is exactly why his treatment of Genesis is so helpful.

Basil Faber said this of Luther’s treatment of Genesis. “The expositions of his ‘beloved Genesis,’ as he delighted to call it, are a key or paragon to all his other writings and books, and a very rich treasure in which an excellent theology is gathered and formulated, as every diligent reader will find for himself.” Faber thought that this work was the crown of all Luther’s work. In his view it brought together all the strands of his theology. The book is filled with theological riches. In the next few posts I will share with you some of these gems from Luther’s work. I will focus on Genesis 1-3. I know you will be encouraged and helped.

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