The Compounding of Sin

Genesis 3:12

“The man said, ‘The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.'”

Luther’s Commentary
“Only mark the true colors, the essential evil and real nature of sin. It is depicted in this excuse of Adam. It shows that a man can in no way be brought to an open confession of his sin, but that he will deny his sin or excuse it as long as he can  find that there is any hope or any probable ground of excuse left him…It is a well known rule, taught in the schools of legal and civil orators, that when a charge of crime is brought against the defendant, the act should either be denied totally or defended as having been done rightly. Adam here does both. He first of all denies his sin altogether and asserts that his terror arose, not from his sin, but from the voice of the Lord. And then when so far convinced of his sin in what he has done he attempts to defend the act, as having been done rightly and unavoidably. ‘If,’ says he to the Lord, ‘thou hadst not given me this woman, I should not have eaten the fruit.’ Thus he further lays all the blame of what he had done on God himself, and positively accuses him as being after all the real cause of his sin. Wherefore there is no end to a man’s sinning, when he has once turned aside from the Word.”
“Hence we see Adam and Eve so deeply fallen and sunk under sin, that they could not sink any lower. For upon their unbelief followed the disobedience of all the powers and all the members in man. Upon this disobedience, immediately afterwards, followed the excuse and defense of their sin. This defense was next followed by an accusation and condemnation of their God. This is sin’s last step, to reproach God himself and to make him the author of sin. This nature of ours can ascend no higher than this in its sin against God. And these are the onward steps of sin, unless the minds of fallen sinners are lifted up by a confidence in God’s mercy.”
Martin Luther. Luther on the Creation: A Critical and Devotional Commentary on Genesis [1-3] (Kindle Locations 5114-5181).

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