Isaiah 53: The Glory of the Suffering Servant

Isaiah 53 has long been heralded as one of the most important passages in the Bible. It has yielded tremendous influence on the New Testament. It has informed many discussions on the theology of atonement. It has comforted many consciences and encouraged many broken people. Martin Luther said this about the text.

Oh, we would be blessed people if we could believe this most noble text, which must be magnified. I would wish it to be honored in the church, so that we might accustom ourselves to an alert study of this text, to bring us to see Christ as none other than the One who bears and shoulders the burden of our sins. This figure is a solace to the afflicted, but to snoring readers these are nothing but idle words.”

This is a text worth exploring in depth. I enjoyed a season of studying this passage a couple years back. Here is the fruit of that work. I hope it is helpful and encouraging to you: Isaiah 53: The Glory of the Suffering Servant.

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