Visual Theology and the Trinity

Tim Challies, blogger and author, is releasing a book later this month titled “Visual Theology: Seeing and Understanding the Truth About God.” His premise is that our culture is progressively shifting toward a more visual approach to learning. In this vein he has been developing visual diagrams to capture theological themes and truths. Here is one helpful example of his concept of visual theology focused on Trinitarian theology.


4 thoughts on “Visual Theology and the Trinity

    1. Rusty, thanks for stopping in…I’m going to check out this post. I am with you, when it comes to the nature of God we have delved into deep mystery and I am with you again…may we press in as far as we are able.

  1. Maybe I missed something, but it seems he shows the errors, but not the “correct” view. Is this one of those things we can catch a glimmer of but not fully grasp, or apprehend but not comprehend or is there a definitive answer?(please forgive the grammatical mess that is this post.)

    1. I think there is a definitive answer—certainly there are dimensions of this that we cannot comprehend as well.But these are the boundaries of the doctrine of the Trinity that we must work within. I think his illustration captures portions of this.

      • We believe that there is only one God
      • We believe that the one God exists in three persons
      • We do not believe in three gods (we are not polytheists)
      • We do not believe in one God who reveals himself in 3 different ways (modalism)
      • We do not believe that one person is greater than another (subordinationism)
      • We believe in One God who exists in 3 Persons
      • We believe that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are perfectly equal in essence and nature
      • We believe that the only distinction among the persons has to do with their relationships one to another and their particular roles within the Triune community

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