The Not Preached God

Luther talked often about the “Hidden God.” He was intrigued by God’s chosen vehicle of self-revelation. God always chose to show up in the most unexpected places, the settings where man would never look for Him.

He suggested that where God does not show Himself is just as important to understand as where He does reveal Himself. Listen to this thought provoking quote by Luther.

We have to argue in one way about God or the will of God as preached, revealed, offered, and worshiped, and in another way about God as he is not preached, not revealed, not offered, not worshiped. To the extent, therefore, that God hides himself and wills to be unknown to us, it is no business of ours.

We must understand where God is not preached. God chooses the sermon. He chooses the location of his self-disclosure. In other places he is clear, the cross and resurrection is the locus of God’s unveiling. He is preached there! Anywhere else, we must recognize there is no divine sermon—you won’t hear of him if you don’t tune in at Calvary.

3 thoughts on “The Not Preached God

  1. Great point. The great preacher is not the one who delivers excellent prose, but preaches Christ crucified, and not himself. I wish more pastors understood this truth.

    But having said that, I also feel the need to say that since we are called to preach His message, and His word, then we should preach with enthusiasm and conviction, asking the LORD to fill us with the Spirit so we preach with unction.

  2. Ah, yes, my brother!

    Here stripped of all but blood and shame,
    The Lord of Lords, Christ crucified!
    Here crowned with thorns and robed with pain,
    The King of Kings, Christ crucified!
    Now upon His throne, Rejected, cursed, alone,
    In hatred hoisted high, Against a blackened sky,
    Our dying God, the glorious Son!

    Our Way, our Truth, our Life Divine,
    Our Broken Bread, Christ crucified.
    Our Light, our Door and Living Vine,
    Our Servant King, Christ crucified.
    Our calling now is clear. The life we seek is here.
    Our standard is the cross. We follow, gain or loss.
    Our goal: to glorify His name.

    All power, riches, wisdom, might
    Be Yours alone, Christ crucified!
    Each burning hope, each heart’s delight
    Is full in You, Christ crucified.
    With all our hearts we sing
    Our Lord, our God, our King!
    We fill our endless days
    With endless lives of praise,
    O Lamb of God, Christ crucified!

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