God’s Thoughts Toward You

“How precious are your thoughts about me,O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t even count them; they outnumber the grains of sand!” (Psalm 139:17-18)

The thought of God’s intricate involvement in the Psalmist’s day to day leads to worship—he is overwhelmed by God’s thoughts toward him. They are too great, too many! They are like sand on the seashore. Sit in this for a minute—God’s thoughts toward us are beyond number.

This summer our family went to California for vacation. We spent one week on the beach in San Diego. The beach went for miles, it was gorgeous and overwhelming—my friends God’s thoughts toward you are beyond every piece of sand on this beach, on every beach, every desert.

We camped on the beach on this vacation and there was sand every where you looked. Open the tent and there was piles of sand on the floor, it was in the sleeping bag…it was everywhere. Everyone around us was in RV’s and we were roughing it in our tents. Every morning we would wake up with sand in our hair, on our bodies—there was no escaping it. For weeks we found sand in our ears, in our bags, car, clothing.

I think this is exactly what we need when it comes to God’s thoughts toward us—we need to camp out on his beach. We need to build sand castles on his beach—let his kindness get stuck between our toes, let his mercy get lodged in our clothes, let his compassion and love cling to our hair. We need to go for long walks on this beach, his thoughts toward us change us, they lead to assurance, comfort, worship and gratitude. How precious are your thoughts toward us O God!

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