At the End of Safety

Pain, change, two words that regrettably belong together. My life and yours confirm this verbal wedding. When I point to best and worst my finger touches the same event. The transformation I want normally comes from things I do not want. In my journey, the things I would never choose to go through again are […]

The Majesty of Divine Selflessness

Sometimes, outrageous biblical truths become commonplace to us. God is constant in his kindness to bring these familiar truths alive to us again and again as we read the sacred script. Old truth becomes fresh truth as the he opens our eyes “to behold wonderful things from the word” (Ps. 119:18). These are things that […]

God in the Dark

Gregory of Nyssa was a theologian that lived in 300 A.D. He was one of the Cappadocian Fathers along with Basil of Caesarea and Gregory of Nazianzus. Gregory and the other two fathers played a significant role in the formation of the Nicene Creed. They also wrote some significant theological works on the Trinity, the Holy […]

An Undomesticated Word

Let’s do an exercise on this post. Below, I have chosen a few short passages of Scripture for you to read. Observe your reactions as you read and think about how you tend to interpret texts like this. Take note of what  you normally do when you come across passages like these in the Bible. […]

(1) The Heavenly Dimension

God and Satan Chapters 1-2 take place in a realm that is foreign to Job. The heavenly throne room is the setting for the first scene of the book of Job. The main characters in this scene are God, Satan, and some other angelic onlookers. This scene is completely hidden from the sight of Job […]

The Elusive Presence

Blaise Pascal said, “a religion which does not affirm that God is hidden is not true…and a religion which does not offer the reason is not illuminating.” Surely you are a God who hides himself. And surely you are a God who does not need to explain himself. Every divine disclosure is also a divine […]

Esther and the Hidden Hand of God

When the Old Testament canon was being formed there was a debate over whether or not Esther should be included. The main reason some questioned the divine authorship of this book was because there is no explicit mention of God anywhere in the story. The very thing that caused some to question the authenticity of […]

The Theatre of God’s Glory

The greatest display of God’s glory is found in Christ crucified. John Calvin says so much in his commentary on the gospel of John. “For in the cross of Christ, as in a splendid theatre, the incomparable goodness of God is set before the whole world. The glory of God shines, indeed, in all creatures on […]

The Mutual Indwelling of the Trinity

The church throughout history has consistently inquired about the mysterious relationship of the three persons of the Trinity. One of the doctrines that has come from this long sustained discussion is called perichoresis. The term refers to a mutual indwelling and interpenetration of persons. This idea comes out of texts like these two in John. […]