Once More Bonhoeffer

This is the last of three posts that touch on Bonhoeffer’s thoughts about forgiveness and confession. Hope you enjoy the conclusion. Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Confession and Communion (Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community, 118-122) TO WHOM CONFESS? To whom shall we make confession? According to Jesus’ promise, every christian brother can hear the confession of […]

Forgiveness in Community

We have spent the majority of our time exploring forgiveness on the vertical. We have briefly viewed the implications of the vertical for the horizontal. In this post, let’s look a little more closely at two texts that draw out some important things about forgiveness in the community of faith. Dietrich Bonhoeffer has a brilliant […]

Assaulting Hostility

The cross is an assault. In the cross God attacks all that divides us from himself and from other human beings. According to Paul, hostility is the barrier between our Maker and us. It is a mutual hostility. On our end it is wicked, unjustifiable hostility. On the Lord’s side it is just and necessary. In the […]

Cosmic Reconciliation

In the last two posts the theme of reconciliation has progressively widened. We have moved from the reconciliation of the individual to the reconciliation of members in community. In this post the theme of reconciliation breaks all parameters as it touches every corner of the universe. God’s peacemaking mission is larger than the individual and […]

Horizontal Reconciliation

Sin destroys relationship. This is the fundamental conviction of reconciliation. We briefly explored in the last post how sin ruptures our relationship with God. In this post we will see that sin also destroys our horizontal relationships. We were created for human community. In the creation narrative God declared all things to be good with […]

Vertical Reconciliation

The first dimension of reconciliation is the vertical angle. Man was created for relationship with his Maker. Sin has ruptured and destroyed that relationship. Reconciliation is the gracious act of God to restore what has been lost. As these two texts show, this repair comes at no small cost. Notice these two texts and their […]

A Fatherless World

Helmut Thielicke once said that, “the history of the world is the story of humanity without a Father.” This drives to the heart of the theme of reconciliation. Every gospel motif or theme helps us understand something about the nature of God, the need of man, and the necessary action God must take if we […]

The Relentless Pursuit

I just completed another gospel poem. This one is on the theme of reconciliation. It attempts to capture God’s fierce and relentless pursuit of his sin ravaged world. In the next few posts I will touch on some of the helpful things I have been learning on this theme.