Esther: The Hidden Hand of God

The Book of Esther is an intriguing work in the Old Testament canon. It is known for its ironic narrative and theological subtlety. The name of God is not mentioned in the entire book, an omission that has caused debate about its place in Holy Scripture. In my view, the absence of the divine name […]

C.S. Lewis on Predestination

What does C.S. Lewis think about the controversial theme of predestination? With his characteristic wit, he brings a refreshing perspective to the issue. “On Calvinism, both the statement that our final destination is already settled and the view that it still may be either Heaven or hell, seem to me to imply the ultimate reality of […]

Esther and the Hidden Hand of God

When the Old Testament canon was being formed there was a debate over whether or not Esther should be included. The main reason some questioned the divine authorship of this book was because there is no explicit mention of God anywhere in the story. The very thing that caused some to question the authenticity of […]

Election as Mission Impulse

One of the most common objections to election and predestination is evangelism in missions. If God chooses men and women why do we share the gospel with them? What’s the point? Paul seems to think pretty differently about this. Look at what he says about it. “I endure everything for the sake of the elect, […]