The Roots of Sin

What is the root of all sin? Is there a root, a foundational sin that led to all others? What was the driving force in Adam and Eve’s choice to make that first fateful choice? This is a question that has been wrestled with throughout church history. Theologians have landed in different places on the […]

All Good Men Were Once Bad

Augustine, the early church father (354-430 A.D.), was on of the most significant theologians in all of church history. In this post I have selected a number of quotes from a few different works. “Hence it is not the case that every bad man will become good, but no one will be good who was […]

Augustine on the Humility of God

Of the early fathers, Augustine was the premier theologian of humility. Deborah Ruddy wrote a great article on Saint Augustine’s understanding of The Humble God. She says this about Augustine and humility: “While many of the early Church Fathers spoke of humility as the Christian virtue, no one was more insistent about its primacy in the Christian life than St. […]

The Immutable Good

I’ve been reading Augustine’s classic The City of God. He argues that the pinnacle of blessing and goodness is found in the certainty of an uninterrupted enjoyment of God. Listen to what he says. “The beatitude desired by an intelligent being as its proper end will result only from the combination of an uninterrupted enjoyment of that […]