Indwelt: The Presence of God In Us

Biblical scholar Alfred Edersheim said this about the indwelling of the Spirit. “The absolutely highest stage of intercourse with God is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament Church, when man’s individuality is not superseded nor suppressed, but transformed, and thus conformed to Him in spiritual fellowship.” During the last few months we […]

Sabbath Was Made For You

In Mark’s gospel story the theme of sabbath comes up on a number of occasions. Most of these instances include controversy. The religious teachers are prodding Jesus about his views on Sabbath and looking to catch him breaking the divine command. Early in Mark’s gospel Jesus makes this statement regarding Sabbath Then Jesus said to […]

You, Me, and the Ground (1)

You may recall a post from a couple weeks back on the dust. In that post, I highlighted the significance of being created out of the dust. This post is an extension of that line of thinking. I am intrigued about our relationship with the ground. Even writing that sentence feels weird. Relationship with the ground? […]