Absurd Grace

The Spirit is the quiet force behind the saving work of the Son. Yet, this unsung hero in our redemption refuses to sing about his contribution. He is fundamentally committed to singing the song of the Son (Jn 16:14). J.I. Packer gives a great illustration of this truth. The Holy Spirit’s distinctive new covenant role, […]

The Majesty of Divine Selflessness

Sometimes, outrageous biblical truths become commonplace to us. God is constant in his kindness to bring these familiar truths alive to us again and again as we read the sacred script. Old truth becomes fresh truth as the he opens our eyes “to behold wonderful things from the word” (Ps. 119:18). These are things that […]

The Holy Spirit’s Role at the Cross

Atonement theology largely centers on God the Father and God the Son. When we talk about the cross we are most often discussing the roles of Father and Son in that great work. But what about the Holy Spirit? Where was he on that fateful day? Did he play a role in the sacrifice of Christ? […]

The New Birth and Discipleship

Thinking deeply about the doctrine of regeneration and observing my newborn daughter have sparked some new thoughts and questions about the discipleship process. I think that the new birth motif may be one helpful lens through which to view discipleship. Consider some of these observations and potential implications for discipleship from regeneration. The New Creation […]

The New Birth in Paul

Though Paul does not speak in depth about the new birth as he does other doctrines what we glean from his letters is indispensable for our understanding. Sometimes his entry point into the topic is different. Sometimes he utilizes language and images that are fresh and distinct from other NT writers. Here are five texts that […]

The New Birth in 1 Peter

Peter touches on the theme of the new birth at two different times in his first letter. In both places he adds some new and vital information for understanding regeneration. These two texts of Scripture will serve to round our perspective on the subject even more. 1 Peter 1:3-5 Blessed be the God and Father […]

The Spirit, the Cross, and the New Birth

Jesus’ late night conversation with Nicodemus is quite instructive regarding the role of the Holy Spirit in our entrance into the kingdom. I love the fact that Jesus was accessible at all hours of the day or night. Apparently he was no stranger to inconvenient late night ministry (Mk 1:32). He is an accessible God […]