Comfort in Strange Places

I have been working on a number of projects over the last few years. Recently, I have been editing and formatting a few of them. The one I am posting today comes from November-September of last year. This last year proved to be one of the more challenging that I have faced in my young […]

Lament Dramatized

Claus Westermann called the book of Job a “dramatized lament.” In the psalms we only hear the voice of the lamenter and rarely do we know his situation. In Job we see everything. We see the circumstances in detail. We know the lamenter. We watch his lament develop and unravel. We watch the movement to […]

(3) The Earthly Dimension

Job and Friends The third and final dimension to consider is the earthly one. The lion’s share of Job takes place on this plane. The heavenly court provides the setting for the heavenly dimension. The dust of the ground provides the setting for the earthly. Job takes a seat in the mud. He is an […]

(2) The Collision of Dimensions

Satan and Job Heaven and earth collide as soon as the dialogue between God and the Accuser has concluded. The enemy descends to the earth with a fiendish strategy to strip Job of every thing he values. And this he does. Behind the marauding caravan that steals and destroys every last animal of Job’s livestock […]

(1) The Heavenly Dimension

God and Satan Chapters 1-2 take place in a realm that is foreign to Job. The heavenly throne room is the setting for the first scene of the book of Job. The main characters in this scene are God, Satan, and some other angelic onlookers. This scene is completely hidden from the sight of Job […]

Seeing Job in the Mirror

Job only makes sense to the suffering man. We often approach this book like Job’s friends approached him. We find its message questionable and dangerous. At times we may find the message irrelevant. This is not surprising. Job himself tells us that men at ease hold misfortune in contempt (12:5). When we are free from […]

Job and Us

Job did not share our perspective of his experience. He never knew the events of chapters 1-2—ever. The reality behind the events of his suffering were hidden to him. The reader sees what he never knew. His buddies did not know either—which is obvious because of their poor counsel. The book of Job is a […]