The News We Must Laugh and Be Glad Over

You have likely gathered by now that I love Martin Luther. I can’t stay away from his work because he can’t stay away from the gospel. His pastoral approach orbits around the cross and resurrection of Christ. Here is a great quote on what “good news” means and how it must make us laugh with […]

Entitlement and Gratitude

Entitlement, ingratitude, thanklessness…age old, insidious, and destructive. Like an aggressive cancer this wretchedness swallows and devours.  A parasite, it threatens to consume all joy and wonder. Restrictive, it squeezes and narrows the expansive gift of life. Utilitarian, it turns life into one big transaction to benefit self. Indifferent, it looks past gift and sees merit. At heart, […]

Karl Barth on Amazement, Humor, and Joy

Here are some helpful quotes by Karl Barth. Hope you enjoy. On Amazement “At the beginning of all theological perception, research, and thought – and also of every theological statement – stands a quite specific amazement. Its lack in even the best theologian will threaten the heart of the entire enterprise, while even bad theologians […]

Explosion of Joy

I was struck by this verse recently. Look how the wise men react to seeing the star that would lead them to the manger. “When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy” (Matt 2:10). This is joy taken to the next level. This is rejoicing pushed to its limit. These guys were out […]