The Heart of Paul’s Mission Methodology

When you look at the missionary practices of the apostle Paul he seems to be all over the place. He receives support and he refuses support, he circumcises his converts and he abominates the idea of circumcising his converts, he lives like he’s under the law and he lives like it doesn’t exist, he eats […]

Early Christian Writing on the Lord’s Supper

In the previous post I shared a portion of the Didache on the theme of baptism. In this post, we turn to the Didache to see what it says about the Lord’s Supper. Now  about  the  thanksgiving,  give  thanks  this  way: First,  about  the  cup:  “We  thank  you,  our  Father,  for  the  holy  vine  of  your […]

Compelling Compassion

I have been meditating on the selection and appointment of the twelve disciples. Right now I am focusing on Matthews presentation of this important event. I have been thinking about the context surrounding the passage where Jesus calls out the twelve and sends them forth to cast out demons, heal, and preach (Matt 10:1-4). This […]