God’s Surprising Help in our Vocations

When you think about the work of the Holy Spirit, what comes to mind? We rightly connect his work to our faith in Jesus, our transformation, sanctification and spiritual gifting. These are prominent themes in the Scriptures. There is another dimension to his work: equipping us vocationally. The Spirit is deeply interested in giving us […]

Broken Characters for Broken Readers

I have been studying the book of 1 Samuel over the last two weeks. Something interesting has been happening as I read. I have found myself connecting to an unlikely character in the narrative: Saul. Some have argued that Saul was an evil king and his primary function was to be a “foil for King David.” I […]

God’s Passion for the Widow

It seemed fitting to provide a follow up from the last post. The theme of the widow is pervasive in Scripture. The testimony is uniform. God is passionate about widows. He cares deeply about their vulnerability and needs. Here is a brief overview of the key ways that God shows his concern for the widow […]

An Embarrassing Book

No one knows what to do with the book of Ecclesiastes. A look at the history of interpretation demonstrates this fact with painful clarity. For most this book is uncomfortable. On the surface it seems to challenge the fundamentals of the Israelite faith. One man has called it an “embarrassment” to conservative Christians. It is […]