Divine Transparency

In the previous post we discussed the safety of the divine community. In this post,  I would like to look a little deeper into one dimension of a safe community. Meaningful relationships are always marked by transparency, openness and vulnerability. Again, if the Triune God is the blueprint for all relationships we might expect to […]

The Father’s Humility in Sending the Son and Spirit

A humble God sounds strange to many ears. This evening I was reading Paul Copan’s book, Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God. Copan said this about the novelty of a humble God. “Many Christians have the false impression that something resembling divine humility appears occasionally in the Bible–for example, in the incarnation […]

The Mutual Indwelling of the Trinity

The church throughout history has consistently inquired about the mysterious relationship of the three persons of the Trinity. One of the doctrines that has come from this long sustained discussion is called perichoresis. The term refers to a mutual indwelling and interpenetration of persons. This idea comes out of texts like these two in John. […]