Oh God, Help Me!

Two words—HELP ME. These words are no stranger to these lips. They are the words heard by the Domino’s delivery man on the other end of the phone when my wife Elizabeth is gone for an evening and its my turn to feed the kids. The auto mechanic probably knows my voice well—he definitely knows […]

The Creature’s Psalm

Psalm 131 is a short psalm containing only three verses. And yet, it is crammed full of great creation theology. With brevity, the psalmist captures the heart of what it means to be a creature before God. He presents a pathway to peace, an alternative to a frantic existence. Take a look at the text. […]

Investigating the Down Cast Soul

Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 teaches that life is filled with a variety of seasons. These seasons are not chosen by man. They are ordered by God. These seasons are marked by gain and loss, pain and joy, good and evil. We do not control when these experiences come our way or how long they last. Every season […]

Luther on the Gift of the Psalms

Martin Luther loved the book of Psalms. His thinking and theology were greatly influenced by his meditation on this book. When he became a professor, the Psalms were his first topic for lecture. From 1513-1515, Luther lectured on the Psalms. Below is his introduction to his lectures. It is evident that he was tremendously grateful […]

The Anatomy of the Soul

John Calvin called the psalms the “anatomy of the soul.” He recognized that the diversity of the psalms correlated to the diversity of seasons, experiences, and emotions of the soul. The psalms are our voice as we walk the journey of faith. They give expression to the things deep within our souls that we struggle […]