Sanctified Imagination

Here is an excerpt from Kevin Vanhoozer on the importance of the imagination in the growth of the Christian. First, I find that the imagination is a vital ingredient in my sanctification. I need to keep the big biblical picture (creation-fall-redemption-consummation) in mind as I attempt to live day by day, minute by minute, as a […]

Corporate Obedience

There are only five documents in the New Testament explicitly addressed to individuals (Luke, 1-2 Timothy, Titus, and Philemon). The remaining 22 documents are clearly written for various communities. More often than not the pronoun “you” is in the plural in these documents. These documents are unified in their purpose to exalt the crucified and […]

Begin Again and Again

Martin Luther had some profound thoughts about the process of transformation we undergo as sinful men justified before God and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. He said “to progress is always to begin again.” The Christian life is about grasping the gospel with ever increasing strength and confidence (1 Cor 15:1-3, Col 1:21-23). The Christian […]

Failed Disciples

I’m reading a helpful book by Richard Hays called The Moral Vision of the New Testament. I just finished reading a section on the gospel of Mark. In it Hays argues that Mark included all the stories of the disciples screwing up, falling, and failing for our encouragement.I couldn’t agree more! We are broken disciples […]

Sanctification by Justification by Faith Alone

Gerhard Forde defines sanctification as the “art of getting used to justification.”  He goes further to describe what growth in godliness looks like when justification stands at the center of how you think about transformation. “There is a kind of growth and progress, it is to be hoped, but it is growth in ‘grace’ a […]