The Theology of the Cross

The cross of Christ reveals the glory of  the humble God. The cross is not only concerned with redemption it is also concerned with revelation. God alone knows God. God alone can disclose God. God in his infinite wisdom saw it fit to disclose himself progressively throughout history and this revelation of his person climaxed in the incarnate Son on a cross. The crucified Son of God is at this stage in history (and likely will forever be) the definitive unveiling of the character of God. If the cross is the definitive revelation of himself then the glory of God is to be understood specifically in his humility, self negating service, and dying love. The power of God is demonstrated in weakness. The wisdom of God is seen in folly. The cross turns the world on its head for it is madness to the human mind. But the cross shapes and defines the logic of the Triune God. If we would know God and we would have others know God we must lead them to the bloody tree.