What Makes a Theologian

Oswald Bayer wrote a fine book titled Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation. In this book he summarizes Luther’s thinking on what makes a theologian and what rules should govern the theologian. Luther argued that a theologian is made through six things. The grace that is worked through the Holy Spirit The agonizing struggle Experience […]

Luther on Being a Theologian: Oratio, Meditatio and Tentatio

In John Doberstein’s The Minister’s Prayerbook, he discusses Martin Luther’s understanding of the development of a theologian. Luther believed that the “right way to study theology” is anchored in the three rules set forth in Psalm 119: Oratio, Meditatio, Tentatio. For Luther “Everything centers around the practice of meditation, for prayer prepares for it and its results are […]

The Theologian as Artist

I have been spending time reading about pastoral and practical theology. The next few posts will be connected to this theme. I am enjoying a book edited by John Swinton titled Spiritual Dimensions of Pastoral Care. The following quotes on the theologian as artist come from Paul Ballard’s chapter, “Can Theology Be Practical?” I appreciate his fresh perspective […]