The Nicene Creed

The Nicene creed was written around A.D. 325. It was adopted in the face of the Arian controversy. Arius, a Libyan presbyter in Alexandria, had declared that although the Son was divine, he was a created being and therefore not equal with the Father. He made the statement “there was when he was not.” This belief made Jesus less than […]

The Cross as Shape of Worship

Worship is not confined to a time, place, or event. New Covenant worship encompasses the whole of our existence. All of life is to be understood under the rubric of worship. The New Testament views our lives as one incessant sacrificial offering to God. Since the fall, sacrifice has always been central to worship. Worship […]

The Cross as Content of Worship

The cross grounds our worship and shapes our worship. God’s revelation of himself came in cruciform shape and so our worship of him takes on the same form. The two primary themes of worship are God our Creator and God our Redeemer. At the cross creation and redemption flow into one. We behold God making […]

The Cross as Ground of Worship

Jesus at worship on the cross offering himself for us is the ground of our worship of him and the Father by the Spirit. The gospel provides access and foundation for approaching the throne of grace with praise on our lips. Any approach toward God apart from the mediatorial work of Christ is unacceptable. The […]

The Cross as Worship

The book of Hebrews instructs us that Christ is both priest and sacrifice. He makes the perfect offering of himself to God on behalf of our sin. This priestly activity is rooted in the Old Testament activity of worship. At the cross the Lord Jesus is at worship. He is honoring the Father through his […]